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“Versailles” at Theater for the New City

Charise will be playing the lead role of Sharon in Richard Ploetz’ new play “Versailles.”


Versailles by Richard Ploetz
February – March 2014
Theater for the New City, 155 1st ave.
February 20 – March 9
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 3:00pm.
Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the following link:

SHARON, a 28 year old single mother and stripper, is waking up to the hard reality of her life. Her youth gone, her beauty and power going, she is caught in a web of dead end relationships and a nowhere job. As her house is slowly sinking into the swamp her young daughter appears to have gone missing. A mysterious figure, MR MASON, a kind of investigator/conscience, surfaces. Is he the resolution to Sharon’s problems?

The play, in 28 scenes, was inspired by the Casey Anthony trial in Florida.

View press release here.Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.01.33 PM

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“The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway” at Access Theater

Charise will be playing Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway at Access August 17 – September 1.

Text by Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway
Adapted and directed by James Rutherford in collaboration with Elliot B. Quick

Literature’s most dazzling wit faces down its most red-blooded stoic in The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway, a World Premiere by M-34. Set in 1926 Paris with rugged Hemingway men in the roles of Jack and Algy, this mash-up of texts from Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway outs the gay romance in Wilde’s best-loved work and collides it with Hemingway’s impossible machismo, exposing both artists’ desperate search for an Ideal Masculinity. Directed and adapted by James Rutherford in collaboration with Elliot B. Quick, The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway is a trivial comedy about pain, lies, violence and vengeance.

M-34 Theater Company
Click here for tickets or call 301.706.7097
Performances: Saturday August 17: 8pm; Sunday August 18: 8pm; Tuesday August 20: 8pm; Thursday August 22: 8pm; Friday August 23: 8pm; Saturday August 24: 8pm; Sunday August 25: 8pm; Thursday August 29: 8pm; Friday August 30: 8pm; Saturday August 31: 8pm; Sunday September 1: 8pm

All details here:!current-production/c1brn

“Notebook of Trigorin” at The Flea

Charise Greene will be playing Arkadina in the New York premiere of Tennessee Williams’ “The Notebook of Trigorin” at The Flea May 3 – May 18.

Trigorin-Card2The Attic Theater Company Presents
By Tennessee Williams
Adapted From Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL
At the Flea Theater, 41 White Street NY NY
Directed by Laura Braza

Friday, May 3rd – Saturday, May 18th, 2013
Tues-Sat 7pm, Sat 2pm, Sun 3pm
Tickets: 212-352-3101,

A life-long admirer of Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, Tennessee Williams often thought of directing a production of Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL. His chance to interpret the play finally was realized near the end of his life with THE NOTEBOOK OF TRIGORIN. Williams’ genius, combined with the powerful Russian classic, creates a daring new concept for today’s American theatre. This fresh look at the classic gets to the heart of the play: what is it to be an artist and in love?

Directing Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” at NYU’s Stella Adler Studio

images (3)Charise is directing a cast of 15 in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” Book VI (Tereus, Procne, and Philomela). Through athletic physicality, music, and language, the tragic story that inspired Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus” is told. Translation by Charles Martin. Runs February 27, 28 and 29. Reserve tickets by calling (212) 689-6110.

Please click the logo to the right to read the full review.

“[Charise Greene's] entire play is modernly elegant. And I’ve never attended a talkback where there were such deep and thoughtful responses to the symbolism of a play. Of course, I’ve not seen many plays that use symbolism this well.” - The Sappy Critic

“At its core, the beauty of this talkback and the [Cannibal Galaxy: a love story] as a whole is an exploration of a loss of control, leaving the audience moved by the piece.” - Xavier Newswire

“Into this den of nostalgia enters a pregnant woman (the extraordinary Charise Greene), who is filled with a no-nonsense desperation.” – New York Theatre Review.

“Charise was named one of NYC’s actors to look out for in American Theatre Magazine.”
- American Theatre Magazine, Molly Rice.

“Actor Charise Greene as Augusta steals every scene as she storms across the stage in anger, imposes frightening lines of questioning on the characters, drinks the drinks of audience members, and even plays with their cell phones.”easy
-Theater Is Easy

“Lady Bracknell is completely unrecognizable (which is not to say bad- Charise Greene’s deliriously insane performance is one of the highlights of the show).”Screen-Shot-2013-09-09-at-10.30
-Broadway World

“The very last moment differs so dramatically from the original so as to leave no doubt that this is Williams’s play and the literal show-stopper is all thanks to the indefatigable Charise Greene as Arkadina.”

“As Irina, Charise Greene is blunt, animated and over-the-top, and it’s impossible to take one’s eyes off her.”edge

“As Joanna, Charise Greene has a natural ease on stage which is very attractive. We believe her as the play’s conscience. Greene creates a nice balance of shrewdness and naivety.”

“Greene gives a highly compelling and convincing performance, with a nuanced juxtaposition of Joanna’s strength and seeming frailty. She reveals Joanna’s combination of disillusionment and courage progressively, giving the character a convincing and delightful development through the play.”

“On the opposite end of the power spectrum is the struggling adjunct, Joanna (a passionate Charise Greene) who, when not serving coffee to the others, desperately seeks a balance between her idealism and her need for tenure track.”
- TheaterMania

The Choice: On the Stage, an Insider’s View of College Admissions.

“Joanna, a struggling but ambitious adjunct, played by the highly focused Charise Greene, is brought in to complete the triumvirate when its third member is taken ill, and she becomes the pawn of her elders.”
- Blog Critics

“It was Charise Greene as the doctor who shimmied and shook her way into the limelight.”

“Incredible energy and dexterity from Charise Greene…How these women maintain a shape to the whole is miraculous, and the incredible finale is the biggest, best surprise of all.”
-Theatre Mirror

“Inadmissible,” at NYC’s Canal Playhouse

Charise is playing Joanna in the new three-person play by screenwriter D.B. Gilles, “Inadmissible,” at downtown theater Canal Park Playhouse. Joanna is an adjunct lecturer and playwright who offers a fresh young perspective to a corrupt graduate acceptance committee of three. The process, however, changes her deeply, and she in turn irreversibly alters the lives of her mentors in this dynamic play about power.

Charise’s strength as an acting coach lies in her ability to free up the body and voice, resulting in emotionally committed, theatrically daring story-telling. Focusing on specificity and ease, she helps bring the actor’s individual choices to the surface, allowing the imagination to activate and inspire. Charise holds an MFA in Acting from the Brown/Trinity Rep Consortium (Stephen Sondheim fellow), a BA in Theater from UC Berkeley, and a certificate of completion from The Studio New York.


Charise is a voice and dialect coach for film and television (most recently Jennifer Saunders in “Isn’t It Romantic?” and Golden Globe nominees Dominic West and Ruth Wilson in Showtime’s “The Affair“) and for past productions at The Public Theater, The Atlantic Theater Company, The Flea, Fault Line TheaterNYU’s Stella Adler Studio, and Drew University. She taught a master class in Shakespeare and the Voice at UNC Chapel Hill and an audition workshop at the University of New Haven. Charise has been on faculty at Barnard-Columbia,  Clark University, the Tom Todoroff Conservatory, ACTeen and Child’s Play NY. Over the course of many years, she taught the following classes in the undergraduate department of theater at Barnard and Columbia: Advanced Acting, Acting Chekhov, Acting the Contemporary Scene, Acting Comedy, Audition Workshop, Introduction to Acting, and Senior Acting Thesis Advisement (performance and research).

Charise most recently directed Shakespeare’s “Pericles, Prince of Tyre” with a cast of 17 at Barnard-Columbia, with original music by Alaina Ferris.

Click here to view Charise’s Directing/Teaching CV

Click here to view Charise’s Voice/Dialect Coaching Resume

*References available upon request. To book a coaching session, email her at




“Charise is an exceptional coach because she not only knows how to articulate coherently the specific obstacles that I individually face in my acting, but also understands the value of positive feedback and honest encouragement in my learning. I respect Charise tremendously for her expertise in guiding an actor’s natural tendencies to become intelligible acting choices. She wholeheartedly collaborates with her students to discover, harness, and highlight the unique voice of each actor. I could not recommend a more kind-hearted, inspirational, and skilled coach than Charise Greene, with whom I have had the pleasure and blessing to work on many occasions.”
- Jin Ha, Tisch

“Charise is one of the warmest teachers I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Generous with her time and advice, she is as thorough as she is nurturing. She has this incredible way of equipping her students with a keen awareness of their instrument in order to help them shed inhibiting habits and truly grow. She is, in a word, wonderful!”
-Victoria Pollack, Juilliard

“I was struggling with my monologues for a big audition, and luckily found Charise. She is such a kind, smart, intuitive person so was able to get to know me very quickly. She saw which of my pieces showed the widest range of my acting, and freed up my characters so the monologues were bold and nuanced. She taps into the little ways you connect with your characters, and pulls them out so you feel and discover things you never would have thought of. I worked with Charise only twice, and walked away with pieces that grew enormously, feeling completely confident and ready for my audition. She is a wonderful person and a truly great coach.”
- Julia Valen, Tisch

“Charise is a truly special acting teacher. Her class is a process of release and discovery (as opposed to pressure and expectation) and the results are tremendous. In Charise’s class, you not only learn how to make great theater, it happens through you and your classmates.”
-Lorenzo Landini, The Old Globe/USD

“I was dreading an upcoming audition for a prestigious study abroad program, and past experience had left me feeling inadequete as a performer. I turned to Charise. Her immediate enthusiasm and commitment to my work and my improvement was exciting and touching. I did not have room to doubt myself in the presence of Charise’s unending energy; she worked with me until I was at my best. I am thrilled to report that I was admitted to the program. Every day I am struck with how lucky I was to have been coached into not only a stronger performer, but also someone who believes in herself. Some people are made to inspire. Charise Greene is one of those people.”
-Christina McCarver, Columbia College

“Coaching with Charise has helped me free both my body and voice from tension when acting, thus increasing my concentration allowing me to make bolder choices in the moment. Charise will take you to the next level in your work (whatever that may be). She is fiercely intelligent with a huge heart.
-Jaclyn Bishop, Actress and Singer, NYC

“Charise creates a safe environment where actors can take the risks necessary to let their performance turn from ordinary to miraculous. We worked on everything from age to working class London dialect, demonstrating a wide range of vocal expertise. Her knowledge of period and style put everyone at ease in the rehearsal room, and I’m certain I’ll keep her on speed dial for future projects.”
-Douglas Widick, Stella Adler Company, North Coast Improv

“What Charise offers the actor is unmatchable. She is not just a good coach, she is a lively spirit and an intelligent theatre-maker, and I can honestly say that I was never so confident in myself, as an actor and a person, as I am after just five months under Charise’s tutelage.”
-Yasmeen Jawhar, Barnard College



“Canary,” at New York Theater Workshop

Charise is playing Jo in a reading of Molly Rice’s “Canary” at New York Theater Workshop on May 19 and 20. Jo is described as pretty and does her best to hide it with her crazy “Avant-Garde” getups, made from the artsy detritus of the past three decades, and weird ballpoint tattoos. She has assigned herself the quest of making something New in the world. She is prickly and ridiculous and tough and alone. She has a thick Kentucky accent.

Teaching at NYU & Stella Adler Studio of Acting

In the fall, Charise will join the faculty at NYU. She will be the vocal and dialect coach for all productions at NYU’s Stella Adler Studio, coaching both the NYU students and those attending the conservatory.

Teaching at Barnard & Columbia

This coming Fall at Barnard & Columbia, Charise will be teaching three classes: Advanced Acting, an Audition Course for graduating seniors and Introduction to Acting. She will also be the Senior Acting Thesis Advisor. This past Spring she taught Acting Chekhov.


Charise is writing a short play for Billy & Co., which will be produced in the LITERARY P(ARTS) series the first weekend in June. Billy & Co. is a Williamsburg-based theater company that explores new, creative processes that connect artists with other artists who wouldn’t conventionally cross-collaborate. For tickets, go to Billy & Co.


Charise will play the lead in a staged reading ‘Versailles’ Richard Ploetz in Emerging Artists EATfest at Tada Theatre


Directed by: Ian Streicher
Performance Date: March 20 at 1:00pm
Click here for Tickets
Tada Theatre is located at 15 W.28th Street on the 2nd Floor

Darleen and Trent Go to Raj Palace

Charise will be playing the title character in ‘Darleen and Trent Go to Raj Palace,’ at The Living Theater, produced by Women Center Stage.


Directed by: Mia Rovegno
Performance Dates: Saturday, March 5th at 3:00pm & Sunday, March 6th at 7:00pm
Click here for Tickets
The Living Theater is located at 21 Clinton Street (just below Houston Street at Ave B)

Tunnels of Love

Charise is currently shooting the film ‘Tunnels of Love‘, directed by Brett Harding, a feature comedy shot entirely in the NYC subway trains and station platforms. The plot centers on couples who get off by making love in public, interspersed with various other character offshoots, examining their relationships to each other and to the transit system.


Charise is now the Resident Voice-Over artist for Turnswing (, providing all commercial voice-over content for the company (visit Media page for Voice-Over example). Charise is also back at Barnard and Columbia as an Adjunct Lecturer teaching Acting to Undergraduates.

In Quietness


Wednesday, September 29, 8:30PM – $10 suggested donation
Octoberfest 2010 at Ensemble Studio Theatre


Charise stars in a Staged Reading of Anna Moench’s latest play:


A former CEO follows her born-again husband to a Southern Baptist seminary. There she enrolls as a student at the Homemaking House, the nation’s premier training ground for future homemakers and a place where marital bliss means never having to say thank you for cleaning the toilet.


Reserve your seats here!

New CD

I have some new music up of me singing on the new CD of “Barf” the musical on the media page.

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Diane Kamp

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It Was a Setup

Wed – Sat, August 4 – 7 and 11 – 14, 2010

8:00 pm

@ The Home Of

Welcome to the living room of C and T, a married couple whose relationship is disintegrating. Drama and scheming lead to the entrance of a dancer, Juliet, into their lives. Directed by Kirk Bromley, Leah Schrager, and the performers, this is the first production of Inverse Theater’s 10th anniversary season. Music is by Ivan Khilko, and costumes by Anna Mains. It Was a Setup features Timothy Fannon, Charise Greene, and Lucy Stack. It’s approximately 75 mins long.

Here’s a small chunk of the script:

It starts with a feeling that something isn’t
childhood, which continues to this day,
a sparse sexual settlement of sorts unseen
since it became so hard to say
“Write, rote, rotten.”
There’s nothing wrong with making good money;
it’s just not possible.
The weasel market
won’t allow a free association.
I don’t need
no fucking gym. I am a fucking gym.