Charise Greene — Playwrighting

“Cannibal Galaxy: a love story” at Between Two Boroughs Productions in 2018


In 2018, Between Two Boroughs Productions will be staging the world premiere of Charise’s new play, “Cannibal Galaxy: a love story.” The story centers around a group of employees at a Washington, D.C. Science Museum. After a random act of violence occurs during an otherwise typical workday, we watch as these characters struggle to make sense of the senseless, while attempting to move forward and find a way to return to their day-to-day lives. What begins as a quirky, workplace dramedy becomes magically realistic post-violence, as the characters struggle to rediscover their identities, as well as make sense of the world around them. The production will be directed by Jenn Haltman.

An Ensemble Studio Theatre Sloan finalist, “Cannibal Galaxy: a love story” has been developed by Fault Line Theatre at Xavier University, where the world premiere will be produced this September.

“Cannibal Galaxy: a love story” at Xavier University in September

In September, Tiffany Nicole Greene will direct a mainstage production of “Cannibal Galaxy: a love story” at Xavier University.

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